Saturday, May 1, 2010

How to Identify a Marijuana Plant?

The scientific name of Marijuana plant is Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis is a non-native herbaceous plant, annual, dioecious, flowering. The marijuana plant will flower, produce seeds and will die within one year.

Coming to the leaves of the plant, the first pair of leaves are will have a single leaflet and depending on the growing conditions and the variety of the plant, the number of leaves will vary. Usually they will be seven to nine leaves. Sometimes if it is the flowering plant, on the there will be only a single leaf per each leaflet top of the plant. If the plant is a matured one, then lower leaf pair will have an opposite arrangement and the upper leaf pairs will have an alternate arrangement.

The flower parts are not clearly seen and they are imperfect ones. Its length will be around 0.5 cm long. They are green in colour . During the late summer, the flowers will appear and they continue till mid fall. Generally, flowers are of two types - male and the female; but they are produced on different plants. Most of the flowers which are female form different dense clusters at the ends of the branches and the male flowers release the pollens from the sacks.

The dried flower buds are used to make illegal drugs. It is mostly grown in the fields where fiber is being cultivated and they are native from the places of Central Asia. It is also referred to as the hemp. Formerly the cannabis is predicted to be from the family of mulberry but as of now it is considered to belong to the family of hemp.

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